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Information architecture design

Is your website well organized? Is information where it should be? Clarity and easy navigation are key for customers. That’s why our service include design of website structure, i.e. information architecture.

When designing information architecture, we look at your existing website, those of competitors, and keyword analysis. The objective of this service is to visualize the structure of your website in the form of a mind map, or spider diagram. This visualization can then be used by other specialists including copywriters, graphic artists, programmers, and UX designers. It is therefore advisable to not leave out this step during web design.

In addition to landing pages, the design also includes the design of titles and main H1 headings, as well as the design of a menu that should be accessible to visitors to your website. The main objective of information architecture is therefore to create a website that is easy for users to grasp, i.e. they will find all the information they need, while also serving the needs of SEO. The architecture should therefore be a certain compromise between utility for the user and for SEO.

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