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Keyword analysis

As their name indicates, keywords are a basic building block of every website. They help you define what is important for your website. They are important tools for the creation of information architecture, SEO, and even copywriting. With our keyword analysis, you’ll achieve maximum presence in search results and maximum traffic.

Keywords are a set of key phrases and words for your website that users use to search the internet, specifically using search engines like Google or Seznam. A thorough analysis of keywords is needed both in marketing and in web design. This will be appreciated by SEO and PPC specialists, among others, who use this analysis in their work.

The keyword analysis process:

  1. data collection
  2. data mining
  3. data cleaning
  4. categorization
  5. results

The benefits of keyword analysis include:

  • creation of high-quality copy
  • improvement of SEO and PPC strategy
  • increased traffic from search engines (paid and unpaid search results)
  • Increased conversion rate

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