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Frontend and backend

A website front end and back end are equally important. We can help you with both ends of website management.

What’s the front end?

The front end is that part of the website that is visible to normal visitors. The importance of the front end should not be underestimated. It has a great influence on whether your site will interest the visitor or not. A front-end designer usually uses HTML, CSS, and/or Javascript, and is the one who takes care of the website or information system from the perspective of a normal visitor.

What’s the back end?

A high-quality and successful website also needs a back end. It’s needed whether you want to change page content, add items to your e-shop, or create administrators. A website’s back end is usually not visible to normal visitors, but it provides complete management (administration) of a website or e-shop. It’s the invisible core that allows the website to evolve dynamically.

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