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E-mail marketing

The days when email marketing was synonymous with large quantities of mass emails that ended up in your spam folder are long gone. Today it is important to not underestimate email communication with current and potential customers, and to automate it. Email communication offers many options, from reminders of unfinished purchases to sending discounts and special offers.

This form of on line marketing is very effective; in addition to increasing regular website traffic and increasing profits, it also serves to build a long-term relationship with the customer and trust. It is therefore necessary to keep in mind that the goal in email marketing should, from the customer’s point of view, be primarily to help him, not to sell. These opt-in emails should therefore contain various advice and information that can help customers. Simply put, the objective is to help customers solve their problems.

We know how hard it is for a non-professional to come up with an appropriate email marketing strategy and email content. That’s why we’ll be glad to help you. With our help, you will increase the efficiency of email marketing and thus increase your company’s revenues and profits.

Additional benefits of email marketing:

  • increased website traffic
  • increased awareness
  • building a contact database
  • communicating what’s new

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