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Display and video advertising

Would you like your ads to reach a large number of users? To increase awareness, traffic, and sales? Display and video advertising is among the most effective on line marketing tools. It builds brand awareness even if the user doesn’t click on the ad. But you need a well-configured campaign. We’ll help you monitor campaign performance and configure appropriate targeting, from demographics and interests to buying behaviour.

Ads can take various forms, including classical graphic banners, text ads, and video marketing (e.g. video ads on the YouTube platform). Display advertising isn’t performance-focused the way PPC advertising is. Even so, though, it can achieve excellent results if properly targeted.

The objective of this advertising is primarily to support the brand, i.e. to build awareness or get existing customers to return. The advantage of this type of advertising is broad reach and the ability to pick specific targeting. The advertiser has the opportunity to choose not only the specific type of sites on which he wants the ad to be displayed, but also to target customers according to specific interests, demographics, language, or on which device the display ad should be displayed.

At present, video and display advertising can be used both on the traditional content network and websites and on social networks and mobile applications.

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