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Search engine ads

One of the most effective on line marketing tools is PPC ads on Google (Google Ads) or Seznam (Sklik). These are paid ads whose purpose is to attract new visitors to a website. It is a specific type of internet advertising, as it is used to offer products or services to people who have a real interest in them and are searching for them on the internet.

The advantages of PPC include:

  1. You pay for each click-through not for display. You therefore know precisely what impact your advertising expenditure had, allowing you to achieve high rates of return for these investments.
  2. Search engines advertising can be precisely targeted to specific segments, and is therefore very effective.
  3. You can define your budget, and thus have good control over your invested funds.
  4. Another objective of PPC is branding, i.e. building and increasing awareness of a brand and creating unique relationships with customers. It is therefore one way to increase your profile on the internet.
  5. PPC allows you to easily monitor and evaluate results. They are available immediately upon activation and are easy to measure.

For maximum success, PPC advertising should be combined with SEO (search engine optimization).

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